EK3, now Cineplex Digital Networks

Established in 1998, EK3 produces and manages narrowcasting and digital signage. With over 10 years of research and development experience, EK3 has deployed some of the world’s biggest and most complex digital networks using proprietary state of the art technology and patented software.

EK3 endeavors to understand your business fundamentals and tailors its in-store solutions so they can engage your customers. EK3 uses demographics and day-parting to drive content and help recognize customer preferences and purchasing habits. This is one of the few mediums that is truly accountable.

With access to over 2.1 billion viewers vendors advertising on EK3 networks can capitalize on Canada’s biggest in-store digital merchandising network.


To learn more about this startup, visit: www.ek3.com

WORLDiscoveries® Impact

We strive to give our startups the best service possible. We supported EK3 by:

  • Providing prototype development funding
  • Supporting startup incorporation
  • Providing space and business development needs at inception of the startup

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